chris wildschut stylest PORTLAND OREGON

Chris Wildschut has been a freelance Stylist for over 25 years, specializing in makeup, hair, and styling services for numerous regional, national, and international advertising campaigns. A native Oregonian, her life and passion has always centered on the arts, people, animals, and the natural beauty of our planet. "I am inspired by many thingsā€¦..including old movies, books, colors and textures, architecture, the desert, antique and resale stores, the ocean, European magazines, or people simply walking down the street. I believe that if we choose to feel and see it, inspiration is all around us."

Chris came from a rich academic background of gifted art programs. An aspiring artist, she focused her energy and further studies on becoming an illustrator. She gained experience by designing and painting scenes on retail store windows. While living in Texas she volunteered her artistic talents at the Training Aids Center on an army base, soon acquiring a Civil Service entry level rating as an illustrator. After moving back to Oregon Chris' focus on being an illustrator was interrupted when she was whisked away into the world of advertising as a model. Little did she know that she would be returning to her roots many years later when she married an extremely talented Dutch photographer, resuming her 'hands on' artistic expression when he asked her to work with him doing makeup, hair, and styling. "I had finally found my creative niche! Faces, bodies, and sets became my canvases and the vehicle for my visual storytelling."

Chris lives on a five acre farm in an old style farm house that she designed and built to match the 1880 barn already on the property. Her charges have included horses, dogs, llamas, goats, cats, and a pet possum named Steve. Widowed several years ago she now divides her time between the farm and her work. Personal interests include most outdoor activities, especially hiking/exploring, sailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. "I even did a tandem skydive which was an awesome experience."

On the set or on location, working with models and actors, juggling props and accessories, or guiding inexperienced on-camera talent, Chris is committed to whatever it takes to satisfy the client and photographer or director's vision. "Whether I'm doing makeup and hair, creating a character, styling, consulting, or playing 'fairy godmother' to a bride, I really enjoy seeing people excited about how great they look, and I love how that gives them confidence when facing the camera, a crowd of people, or just a normal day. It's very rewarding."